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Known for taping together anything and everything, the makers of Duck tape came upon a photo in a local newspaper about a couple who went to prom wearing a dress and suit made of Duct tape.  After a little bit of searching around the company realized that this wasn’t a one-time thing, that actually a whole underground duck tape outfit industry was thriving.  So instead of getting mad or ignoring the new way people were using their product, Duck jumped in feet first, and decided to launch an annual competition — Stuck at Prom — encouraging more people to have a special prom night wearing duck tape.

Nearly 2,000 couples have entered the contest since it started eight years ago. It’s pretty straight forward – the competition starts this week and runs through the middle of June.  Couples who wear duck tape outfits to prom send in their photos, top 10 finalists are selected by Duck and then the public votes from the 10 finalists to name the winners.  The grand prize winning couple receives a $3,000 scholarship and the school that hosted them at prom also gets $3,000.  Additional runner-up winning couples/schools receive $2,000 and $1,000 respectively – not too shabby all for wearing some tape.

The campaign does a great job of just having fun and encouraging the kids to keep doing what they were doing.  It’s a great word-of-mouth campaign in that previous people who entered or participated are walking billboards.  The company makes it easy for finalists to send emails to friends and create t-shirts or flyers to get people to vote for them (easy tools on the website).  And on the home page of the website the first thing that pops us is “click here if you want to be on the news” – as the company helps kids who are entering connect with local media.  The company started a Facebook page for this year’s contest, so one area to watch to see how it drives more interest/participation this year.

So next time you are working on your next campaign ensure you are having the right conversation, know where you fit into it and find a way to get your fans to become loud and crazy ambassadors for your brand.

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