Creativity in Public Relations » pharmaceutical Creativity, marketing, great ideas, smart thinking, public relations, insights, inspirations, innovations and more. (Formerly known as Ryan's View) Wed, 05 Aug 2009 00:52:54 +0000 en hourly 1 Nose Blowing Fun From Schering Plough Mon, 30 Mar 2009 21:47:05 +0000 Ryan Peal It’s fun to watch pharmaceutical companies testing the boundaries of all the marketing code fun they have in their industry.  And thanks to my good friend Heidi in DC I have a great one to share starring “Ronny Nose” who stars in a mini-addictive game trying to avoid things that may make him sneeze, and hoping to run into medicine and doctors who can help him feel better.  Yes, I’m not making this up and you can play it yourself by visiting “Don’t Blow It: The Nasal Allergy Game.”

The game is brought to you by Schering Plough, makers of Nasonex, something that you may have guessed helps eleviate allergy symptoms.  The game provides Schering with a way to casually remind people of Nasonex and its role in allergies as well as the need to check in with your doctor to learn more. In between each round there is a little comment about allergies and doctors for another little shout out for the benefits of Nasonex without saying it.

There is a direct link to the product under the “learn more” section – providing people with an overview of allergies, Nasonex role in helping and a link to get a $15 coupon off the product too.  And a “gotta love lawyers” part of the site is at the bottom of the game screen that says the game “is not intended to depict the efficacy of Nasonex.”  The site also has a Facebook element (you can download an image of Ronny, the running nose) and a share with a friend (via email) element too.  And the site also ticked off the environmental box too, wtih 20,000 “low-allergenic” trees being planted in honor of the first 20,000 people who play with Ronny.

All-in-all, given the tight regulations of the industry, the site does a good job of using some fun to have a conversation directly with consumers and yes, it’s nothing to sneeze at either. :-)

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Pharmas Tuning In To YouTube Thu, 19 Feb 2009 04:08:17 +0000 Ryan Peal I am always getting emails and comments from people to talk about creativity in other areas besides consumer products – if you are one of them, today is for you.

I’ve been tracking some pharmaceutical clients jumping in to the social media space and thought I had enough to finally put together and share with all of you.  Now I’m currently living in Sydney which has a pretty tough regulatory world to deal with, so unfortunately for my Aussie readers I don’t have any examples from down under.  (Although the world is changing fast so you could definitely use some of these examples to share with your clients or the federal government to show the benefits of social media in the healthcare industry – but that’s a whole other story).  So, without further adieu, lets take a look at some good examples of pharma companies trying some new and creative ways (for them at least) to engage with people:

First up, is Abbott who is using their YouTube channel to highlight their ongoing community efforts.  So not a big drug push by any means by a nice and natural way to showcase what they are doing in local areas to help people on the local level.  A great “toe in the water” for Abbott.

Next is GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) who is using their YouTube channel as more of an GSK-TV, mini news stories (like VNRs) to show off some of their efforts.  They also have some high-level talent hosting, one at least in the form of their CEO (well done!).  GSK also has some recruitment type videos, stories from employees on why they work for GSK.

And take a moment to check out J&J (Johnson & Johnson) who was one of the first major pharmas to jump in to YouTube.  The company has several different video channels within the overall J&J Health channel.  They have a variety of “news” segments (like GSK) but also they have videos from patients talking about the importance of nurses, heart disease and some “real moms” talking about having a baby.  Every topic connects of course to some type of company product/service/research (as it should) and are all simple and casual to watch.  J&J definitely has the most videos, views and subscribers of the pharmas on YouTube.

And a relatively new one entrant that takes things a bit further with a specific product focus and a related microsite are the good people at Astra Zeneca with their asthma drug Symbicort.  At people are encouraged to upload their own personal story of overcoming asthma, and connected to the related YouTube page to add their video and view others.  There are lots of disclaimers on what you can and can’t say in your video (for example you can’t say the name of the drug you take but you have to be over 18 and taking Symbicort).  I can’t seem to grab one of the videos to share so you’ll have to go look but they all seem like nice, patient-first, talk from the heart videos.

A big “WOOHOO” to all of these companies for jumping in to the social media fun, despite having to walk a very fine line of regulatory fun.  And for all of you out there trying to persuade colleagues/clients to engage consumers where they are online, hope these examples come in handy for your next debate.  And of course please chime in with any that you have come across too.

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