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The name Jukari has something to do with “to play” in Italian, and after watching some of the videos of it in action it looks like a bunch of fun.  It works with a trapeze type swings with a 360-degree swivel point that provides a sensation of flying through the gym (with the greatest of ease).  Jukari was brought to life by the amazing brains at Cirque du Soleil – a brand that provides instant credibility in the world of flying and probably helps in convincing people to give it a go.

Since I’m living in Australia, where Jukari hasn’t landed yet, I couldn’t try it out firsthand, but I definitely was able to find lots of places to find out about it.  Reebok has gone hard on the social media front, with Jukari flying across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  I couldn’t seem to find out if there was any type of national unveiling/launch – like setting up Jukari above the ice skating rank at Rockefeller Center (what a visual) for a Today Show appearance – so not sure how it made its debut.  My friend in LA said it just showed up at her gym one day and of course she had to try it out (and is now getting addicted to it).

Time will tell if Jukari takes flight, but the campaign definitely is working its social media muscle and provides a great example to share on how a campaign can work these new channels.  At H&K we call it the Octopus Approach – put your brand and activity out where the people are online already (the tentacles) and give them a reason to come back to your site (the head).  Now, get flying!

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