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Now, putting on our work hat, how many public bathrooms are out there in the world that have high traffic numbers that could use a bit of creative visual thinking?  And just think of the right visual twist from your brand appearing there to entertain them while they have time to spare and building buzz and word-of-mouth in the process.  We’ve sign back-of-the-door poster ads for a while now, but its definitely time to take this to the next level with the toilet ski jump as inspiration.

And let’s not stop at public bathrooms, what about portable bathrooms that reach the youth at music festivals, beaches and more.  Again, you’ve got a captured audience who would love to be surprised by some visual masterpieces with your brand appropriately mixed in for fun.  I’m totally thinking of ways to use this new inspiration in my next campaign.  Love it!

A big shout out to @Kwech (on Twitter) for sharing the visual fun.

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