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Red Bull kicked off the pre-event buzz with a party at the Winter X Games a few weeks ago and now it’s only a few days away until the big show. The event is more than just snowboarding; the heavy rock band Anthrax is performing along with a few indie bands like Valiant Thorr and Black Gold.

I’m a big fan of big snowboarding ramps – having had my first experience with Boost Mobile and the Boost Mobile Pro of Snowboarding back in 2004 when we built one off of Lake Shore Drive and had Ludacris and Kanye West performing, one incredible weekend. Then with Motorola we built one (pictured) in Las Vegas to kick off the partnership between Motorola and Burton – that was amazing.

So with these two events in mind I definitely think this week will be a hit for Red Bull. They have Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White competing against other big names in the snowboarding world – so the authenticity of the event is in check with their involvement. They have NBC on board to broadcast the event a few weeks later on TV. And you can only imagine the visuals that will come out of the event with the NYC skyline in the background.

For me I always use Red Bull as the perfect example of how to really use sponsorship dollars – not by sponsoring someone else’s event but by creating your own that no one else can own. Red Bull does it brilliantly, has a great pulse on pop culture and knows how to create an event with lots of legs that produces content and buzz for the brand – and does it so well that it truly is the benchmark on how brands should be entertaining their fans.

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