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The campaign – Reject The Recession – makes it extremely easy for businesses to get involved and for consumers to benefit.  It goes something like this – if you are a small business (those with under 20 employees) you sign-up to a directory of companies rejecting the recession and pledge to provide a 10% discount to any member of the Sunrise Family that comes into your store.  The Sunrise Family consists of people who sign-up with their name and email to get info from the program and special offers from advertisers (a type of club).  Once companies sign-up they are listed on the site along with any type of information or special offer they want to include (and contact information).  They also download from the campaign site a “Reject the Recession” poster that they display in their store (with Sunrise branding and the mention of the 10% discount for Sunrise Family members).  Genius on all fronts.

Why I love it?  Lots of reasons.  First up, the campaign positions Sunrise as a program that supports the local small business, the heroes of the country (and there are lots of them).  Second, Sunrise looks like they are offering the 10% discount to consumers.  Third, huge word-of-mouth happening as the amount of businesses participating is already at more than 7,000 (it was about 4,000 last night), so the word is out there and people are listening.  Fourth, Sunrise gets free advertising space everytime a company signs up and prints out a poster to display in their business.  Fifth, huge database builder for Sunrise – who wouldn’t want to get 10% off stuff just by signign up to a club.  Sixth, low environment impact – no mass mailings, no brochures, etc.  And finally, Sunrise uses their national broadcast reach to keep driving participation and awareness.

A brilliant campaign across the board.  One of those “I wish I had thought of that” campaigns.  A great one to think about when developing your next campaign.  Go Sunrise!

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