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1,000 Honda Hybrid Cars Light Up The Night Sun, 29 Mar 2009 18:35:49 +0000 Ryan Peal We’ve all seen the reports and research showing that advertising (especially TV) is losing the impact it once had back when there weren’t so many distractions and diversions.  And along with that we’ve seen the slow death of the :30 second commercial that has been the staple for most marketing plans.  But what seems to be making a comeback is the :60 second commercial, or the however-long-you-want short film commercial that benefits from the explosion of online video viewing sites such as YouTube.

The most recent example of a brand jumping into the longer video format is Honda who on Friday unveiled a new commercial for the company’s new Hybrid vehicle, Insight.  The company used headlights from 1,000 cars to create what probably is the world’s largest LED screen – creating a fun light show of smiley faces, highways and more.  Honda’s smart PR team ensured a “making of” video was included in the gameplan and shows a fun, behind-the-scenes perspective that adds a more personal element to the effort.  It’s a great reminder that sometimes the “making of” part of events, campaigns, commercials and everything in between can actually be equally interesting to watch. And in this case, the making of video adds a real human emotion and connection for Honda and this new environmental push.

So take a moment to drive into the fun with Honda below.

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Mickey Mouse Serves It Up In Breakdancing Battle Fri, 06 Mar 2009 06:52:28 +0000 Ryan Peal This will not change the world, but sometimes the right kind of video can provide a momentary/mini lift for a brand in regard to connecting with consumers, reminding them they are still there, reaching a new audience or just adding a simple bit of fun to a brand.  Case in point: Mickey Mouse.

Last weekat Disneyland Paris our favourite mouse looked like he was going to get served as a cute looking French kid challenges him to a breakdance battle royale.  But, Mickey had the last laugh as he got down . . . got down on his hands and knees and head and spun right around baby right around, like a record player right around.  It’s definitely fun to watch Mickey breakdance, and definitely creates a new “surprise” moment when watching.

Obviously this was staged (I’m guessing, but guessing I’m 100% right) but to me it doesn’t matter – its fun, entertaining and works.  It shows Mickey is forever young and connected to what kids are in to today and shows he can still have a lot of fun in the process.

The reason why I wanted to highlight this video is that its a great example of a brand taking a moment to not take itself so seriously, or follow official guidelines, etc.  This is a mini moment of fun in a medium that begs for it.  Any brand could add a bit of disruption/surprise into their marketing mix as a way to keep the conversation fresh about the brand, keep people watching and wondering what may come next.  Unleash your creative wild child for one fun video project every six months – mix it up, you and your fans will be glad you do, and in the process you may learn something about how you fit in their world.  Now, watch Mickey get down, moonwalk and did a killer last dance move worth waiting for at the end.

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Naked Girls and Guys Controversy Works For Calvin Klein Tue, 03 Feb 2009 07:58:31 +0000 Ryan Peal Sex sells – at least the theory goes.  And today thanks to my friend Katy there’s another example of campaigns hoping that theory is right.  Calvin Klein Jeans this week unveiled a sexed up video of naked guys and girls wearing CK Jeans and having some fun on a sofa of what looks like an old apartment in NYC with a grainy, hidden camera feeling to the whole thing.  I think there are two girls and one guy or made three girls and one guy or some combination, but the end result is hot, hot, hot.

The CK jeans are on full display throughout the video, so it does the initial job of showing off the product well – and with the sex-factor on high my bet is this video will make its way around the net fast.

So does this work?  I’d say yes.  For the CK brand it is just another example of the company’s history of using hot guys and girls to sell underwear, jeans, fragrances and more.  So they are extremely consistent on what the overall brand platform is and how to deliver it.  It all started way back when with Brooke Shields and her Calvin Klein video (which I found right next to this one on YouTube).

Katy said she heard the commercial was banned on TV so another added bit of conversation that will only drive people to seek out the video even more.  For me I still think I like the hot girls playing soccer selling a Samsung TV better, but this is a very close runner-up.

This kind of approach isn’t for every brand.  But for the ones that can get away with it, something tells me they have a bit more fun every day at work than the rest of us.  Now sit back, take 30 seconds out of your day and have a look below at the video – no one is looking and if they are just say its for research.

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Beyonce Single Ladies Viral Video Craziness Thu, 18 Dec 2008 14:29:00 +0000 Ryan Peal So the holidays are coming fast so its time to lighten up the blogging a bit and entertain everyone with some video fun starring some new fan favourites channeling their own Beyonce spirits.  Beyonce’s new song – Single Ladies – has an incredible music video with Beyonce strutting her stuff with two back-up singers/dancers.  This video has spawned almost thousands of imitations, all doing their best version of the song and dance moves.  The first video (maybe not officially but the one that has had millions of views) was created by a dancer who learned every booty shake, hip swing and more – and then was invited to appear on a talk show to do it in front of a green screen.  Around the same time Justin Timberlake appeared on Saturday Night Life as a back-up singer in the video, with Beyonce singing it on the show – priceless.  Than a different kind of entertainer took the show up north, with a “Beyonce in Alaska” rendition – still wearing the little outfit but dancing around in the snow.  And another consumer video letting it all hang out has had 2 million views.  And recently, a girl who looks about 2 years old has her own version.  All worth a few minutes of your life to pretend you can dance this great.

Now with our “what can we learn from the madness” hat on, this video has definitely struck a chord and has provided a platform for people who want to express their own creativity and personality, or get their 15 minutes of fame.  The desire for fame is a strong pull to tap into with a campaign, what can “money can’t buy” experience can you provide the average consumer so they can tell their friends about it, or so they can be seen all over the web thanks to you?  Tapping into the growing desire for everyone to have some bit of fame/popularity/awareness is becoming more and more important as the clutter for everyone to have a voice in the world is getting well, more cluttered.  Can you shape your next campaign to tap into the fame game?

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