Pathway to success

posted by Scott McKenzie

We often talk about the importance of managers in terms of the role they can play in the personal and career development of their employees.After all they should be well placed to assess the development needs and areas of strength an individual may have.

The HR industry has invested huge amounts of resources on policies and processes. On competency frameworks and job maps. All of which helps.

But what so you do about the disengaged manager?

I had a manager once who throughout our objective-setting meetings would be on his blackberry. He would usually being with “So uhm, what’s new?”. Before proceeding to half listen to me as he responded to urgent emails. Needless to say it did not feel like a positive experience. I felt that he had not lived up to his duty of care to me.

Obviously in retrospect it’s clear that neither he or I ended felt engaged by the process. Which seems like a wasted opportunity. A waste of potential.

This gives me a nice opportunity to plug an event we at the CIPR Inside are running on 3rd June entitled the Pathway to Success.

The event is free and will be hosted by our friends at HMRC in London.  The event will establish what employers are looking for, the path for career progression and how you can acquire the skills and qualifications to help you navigate your way to success.  To find out more visit CIPR Inside at the CIPR’s website.

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