Plus ca change

posted by Scott McKenzie

Holidays will never be the same again. That’s the conclusion I’ve drawn as Sarah and I had our first family holiday with our 5 month old daughter.

It’s fair to say that little Erin did not take too well to French toll roads (although that could have a lot to do with waiting 45 minutes at every tollbooth we hit) or her new surroundings. Which to my adult eyes was a very charming gite in rural Normandy.

It’s slighly ironic – keeping in mind the job I do – that I was so under-prepared for the changes that parenthood brings. People talk about the sleepless nights, the amazing feelings of love and fear, and the lack of a social life. But it’s only until you’re living it that it becomes real.

I guess that’s the challenge we face when trying to communicate around change. We can talk about the why (case for change) and the how (the change roadmap). But until our colleagues can actually see the evidence (proof points) with their own eyes… well has anything changed at all really?

Bizarre as it seems it’s taken a “challenging” holiday for me to realise that this major change has come in my life. And you know what… for all the sleepless nights, and lack of meals out, and screaming fits on French roads… it’s all worth it. Honestly.

P.S. – While I was away the MacLeod report was published. Some of my friends, CIPR colleagues and ex-H&K colleagues like Sean Trainor, Lee Smith and David Ferrabee have already commented. And they make some great points. However, I recommend reviewing the 157 page report for yourself. You can access it here.

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