The big debate

posted by Scott McKenzie

In my view, a big part of our job as internal communciations practitioners is to create informed debate.

Well I’d like to invite you to a the next big forum for such debate. I am chairing the CIPR’s annual conference on internal comunications on 14th September.

We have a truly fantastic cast of characters to tell their stories. I’m really looking forward to hearing Leona Deakin address the psycholigcal issues around “survivor syndrome”. Bearing in mind how many organisations are laying people off right now – this is surely a must-see session.

My friend Sharon Saxton from City & Guilds will be giving us the HR Director’s perspective on how to communicate around organisation performance. I’m sure she’ll delve into the old chestnut of the relationship between Internal Comms and HR as well…

And my colleague Niall Cook will be giving us a guided tour of the latest thinking on cutting edge channels. Which again I’d say is unmissable.

There are plenty of other great speakers like Paul Inglefield from Camden Council as well as industry stalwarts like Liam Fitzpatrick.

We’ll round the day off with a panel discussion with senior comms practitioners giving their tuppence worth on the issues we’re all facing. A great opportunity to hear some best practice advice on any hot topics you’re facing.

I hope to see you on the 14th. Click here for details on how to sign up.

P.S. – If you sign up now you get a 20% discount…

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