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posted by Scott McKenzie

My colleague Louise and I have had an ongoing debate recently about the impact of social media on consumers and employees. And where the lines blur. And who has responsiblity within organisations for responding to issues (or even if you should).

Some of you may have received a case study on the TfL employee who abused an elderly gentleman recently. Let me know if you didn’t as I would be happy to send it onto you.

Anyway, after being publically castigated for his behaviour the employee in question has resigned. Clearly he has done wrong. Looking at the video clip I find his attitude offensive. And he deserved to be severely disciplined.

But in this multi-media age I have to ask whether a sense of proportion is required. Anyone who has worked in a service job knows that you have the odd bad moment, the odd bad day. Some times dealing with the general public can wear you down. Does that justify personal abuse? Absolutely not.

But we are all human. And I think as commentators and observers we should be a little slower to publically crucify someone. And from an internal communciations perspective you have to ask yourself whether the mayor’s comments (via twitter) have actually helped to improve employee morale, and indeed customer service, overall at TfL? Or have they in fact undermined it?

We’d certainly be interested in your views on this. We’re planning to hold a debate-style event around the impact of digital media on employees and consumers. It will be on the evening of 25th November here in Soho Square. If you’d like to come along do let me know.

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