Keeping our promises

posted by Scott McKenzie

Like all careers mine has seen its highs and lows (so far).

Many years ago I was lucky enough to work with Pete Stevenson and the fantastic team at The Edge . We were working on a project for a big, retail bank. We were planning to launch a major new brand which was going to disrupt the wealth management market. I was Brand Manager and had certainly bought in to the vision the company leadership had sold us.

So my team and I went about developing a brand proposition which we felt was both compelling and unique in the marketplace. We engaged Pete to help us with the internal launch. We created a really polished, considered film. Which was a big hit with our employees and stakeholders.

Unfortunately for me and for my leadership team. The products and services did not really materialise to match up to the brand promise we had developed. Result = major failure. And quite a few redundancies.

It was a major learning for me about the importance of transparency and indeed credibility in communications. Put simply we can not make promises we are not able to keep. It causes too much damage in the long term.

Anyway, I’m happy to say that Pete and I survived that experience. And indeed our paths cross again on the morning of 18 November as The Edge are sponsoring a CIPR event on “Visual Communications”. It will be held at the wonderful BAFTA building on Picadilly. Places are limited so if you do want to get along please contact me, or my good friend Phil Turner at

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