Sick days

posted by Scott McKenzie

Sickness has been a bit of a theme for me in the last 24 hours.

My baby daughter Erin appears to have picked up the norovirus. Which for those of you who don’t know is a particularly nasty vomiting bug. I challenge any of you not to have your heart strings pulled by an 11 month old smiling at you weakly. Just seconds after projectile vomiting the entire contents of her stomach.

As she was sitting wanly looking up at me I was watching my football team Celtic lose. Less than 24 hours after making the headlines by signing Robbie Keane. The football cliche “as sick as a parrot” could not be more appropriate.

Yesterday also happened to be the day which most of us see as being the ideal day to take a “sickie”. I found this slighty odd as early February in the UK is hardly balmy. Then again it’s getting towards the end of a very long cold and dark winter.

I guess that’s where the employer needs to do more. We should all have a compelling reason to get out of bed in the morning. We all need to make work more meaningful. Don’t get me wrong I’m not expecting us all to be like Jerry Maguire’s guru in the Tom Cruise movie. I don’t expect us to bounce out of bed on a grey, dreech winter’s morning.

But by the time we’ve hit the snooze button for the second time. We should have found good reason to get our backsides to work.

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