The relationship between change and comms

posted by Scott McKenzie

I’ve had a number of interesting conversations recently about the role of communications on change programmes.

One senior strategist in the Public Sector told me that in her experience comms people simply do not understand change. They do not understand the theory, how to interpret the data, or how to develop appropriate responses. Her view was that we communicators are still obsessed with broadcast media. That we talk about changing behaviour but continually fall back on approaches which simply raise awareness or drive understanding.

That may be a bit harsh but I think there’s something in this view.

I know a lot of communications practitioners who are dealing with significant organisational change for the first time. They are handling the communications supporting redundancy programmes, or significant re-organisations, or maybe the adoption of a new strategy.

Many feel unprepared. Many feel out of their depth. And there are surprisingly few resources to support our colleagues around the specifics of change communciations.

That has led me to the conclusion that we at H&K can make a contribution. We have been handling these types of change communciations for many, many years. Regular visitors to this blog will know that I have already shared our experiences on handling redundancies. We will be offering more of these simple, practical guides over the course of the next few months. But we feel we can do even more.

So, we’re going to hold an event giving people access to the key components of communications around change. It will be here in Soho Square on the 10th March – click here for details.

We will have a panel discussion with a range of experts – likely to include an organisational pyschologist, an HR specialist, an expert on culture change and hopefully a corporate laywer.

It should be a great event. So if you are facing some significant changes in your organisation and want to put your questions to our panel feel free to come along.

Contact Jess Beckford ( to confirm your attendance. Hope to see you there.



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