What to do with a banker’s bonus

posted by Scott McKenzie

A little post-script to my bank bashing blog from a week or two ago.

Barclays CEO John Varley has decided to forego his substantial bonus. The reaction has been broadly positive. And it has put pressure on other CEOs to do the same (Stephen Hester from RBS announced he would not be taking a bonus this morning).

All good stuff. But I was talking to my esteemed colleague Andy Sutherden about it this morning and he quite rightly asked the question “what happened to his bonus money?”.

Imagine if they had decided to put that money to some good use. Perhaps helping people who have lost their job in this recession to retrain? That may have provided an even more postive outcome (and coverage).

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Dan Leach

Right on – he should take it the bonus but donate it to a charity or as you suggest to a group of ex-colleagues.

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