To my family

posted by Scott McKenzie

Last week my little girl was one year old. And today her mum, my fiance Sarah, is back at work full time.

It only seems like 5 minutes ago that Sarah told me she was pregnant and my world changed. And it has changed every day since. In new, often unforseen, ways. It has been a fast-moving, roller-coaster ride. I think we have adapted reasonably well to being parents. And we’ve also made some mistakes but (touch wood) – although nothing major so far.

The biggest surprise to me is the sheer depth of emotion you feel for your child. No one can prepare you for that. And it grows day-by-day. It’s a heady, complex mixture of pride, happiness, fear, frustration and many, many other emotions. It is truly amazing.

I am often accused by those closest to me that I am a “forward motion” person. That I don’t look back. I don’t get sentimental or nostalgic.

Well today I am in reflective mood. I am proud of my little family unit. Proud of how we have adapted to change – whether it’s nursery, weening, solid food, or going back to work full-time.

I guess my point is that in your home life – just like work – we need to take stock some times. To celebrate what we’ve achieved. And thank the people who have made it happen.

So to my manxies. Thank you. I love you both very, very much.

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Jason Frayne

You are right. In this crazy mad world we often don’t stop to take stock and appreciate what and probably more importantly, who is around us that make us smile each and every day!

Great post Scott! :-)

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