What’s in a name?

posted by Scott McKenzie

My colleagues and I have been spending a lot of time recently thinking about what we offer our clients.

We’re beginning to question whether the title of our Practice: Change & Internal Communications is right? It’s broadly accurate I suppose but does it really cover what we do?

I was talking to Hanna and Arndis about it last week. I said that I often didn’t even think of myself as a specialist communicator. More of an organisational problem-solver (with a bias on comms). Most of our projects touch on so many other important parts of an organisation: HR, Organisational Design, Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, PR, etc.

“Internal Comms” feels too functional somehow. And “change” (as those of us at our event last week will know) perhaps too scary.

When pressed to answer why we describe ourselves the way we do I have often fallen back to the answer that change is the outcome we’re seeking; internal comms one of the processes we’ll use to get there.

Does that make any sense at all? Would welcome your views.

P.S. – Thanks to those of you who came to our event last week. It was incredibly well attended for a Weds night with competition provided by things as diverse as the Champions League, the Pub and of course your loved ones! We appreciate your support… We will be getting a summary of the event and some video clips up online later this week. Watch this space.

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