Better late than never

posted by Scott McKenzie
The lateness of this blog reflects my life at the moment. I never seem to be on time for anything any more. Of course having a one year old is a convenient excuse. As most parents will testify leaving the house is now a very complex business. You almost need a checklist to ensure you remember everything (milk – tick; food – tick; bib – tick; muslins – tick; toys- tick, etc, etc).

And I’m pretty sure having some kind of checklist for change comms came up in conversation at H&K’s(relatively) recent event on the relationship between change and communications.

There were a number of observations made by both our great panellists and the very vocal Question Time audience. You can watch some of the most memorable observations on the link below.

 [youtube v=A3xk_rr5JZ8]

For me the biggest takeout form the evening was what I’ve now coined as the  the 3 P’s.

  • Pace
  • Perspective


  • Preparation

Pace is about driving momentum in change programmes. Perspective about considering all of the viewpoints your audiences may have. Preparation about ensuring that your line managers have the right tools, guidance and support to lead the change locally.

But watch the youtube video as our panellists describe it much, much better than I just have!

Have a great Easter!

 P.S – If you’re interested in the outputs from the recent MacLeod report (and subsequent guidance issued by BIS earlier this week) then I’d strongly recomend you attend this CIPR event entitled “see beyond the rhetoric”. It’s in a few weeks at the prestigious Institute of Directors. There will be an illustrious panel chaired by my good friend and CIPR colleague Sean Trainor (who is worth the admission money in his own right!).

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