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The Power of Chocolate Buttons

posted by Scott McKenzie

I am constantly amazed by my daughter’s growing ability to communicate.

She has only just turned two but we are now having quite in-depth conversations about her likes and dislikes, which currently are:



  • Mummy and daddy’s “telly programmes”
  • Bathtime
  • Getting her hair brushed
  • Naptime
  • Any green vegetables

What has also impressed me is how quickly she has grasped the concept of incentives and rewards. We are currently going through potty training. This has led to various accidents. Some of them quite messy (parenting is not glamorous!).

But the offer of a simple reward – in this case a white chocolate button – seems to have transformed the situation. She now tells us in (just about enough) time when she is ready to use the potty.

And last night her frequent trips to the potty ended up with a whole bag of chocolate buttons. I suppose that’s one way of rewarding good performance!

The miracle of technology

posted by Scott McKenzie

Tonight my two-year old daughter and I will have our regular transatlantic webchat with my mum who lives in British Columbia.

I find it hard to believe that my technophobe mum has suddenly become so very web-literate… which is of course driven by the powerful incentive of being able to talk face-to-face (kind of) to the grandkids on a daily basis.

Technology has allowed my mum to follow my daughter’s progress, to interact with her, dare I say even build a relationship with her… even from many thousands of miles away. In that sense technology really has been an enabler.

But how do you know which development is going to be the next Skype, or the next Second Life (remember that)?

For Internal Communications practitioners (and their key stakeholders) it is difficult to weigh up the costs / benefits of investing in technology, or digital media. You only have to see the number of questions and requests for case studies across the various LinkedIn networks and other online communities.

Our experience has been that you have to start small, test with lots of key people, build a community of interest and see whether it takes hold. There are no guarantees. But being clear on what you think the business benefits for the technology are would be a really good place to start.

And if you are struggling to keep pace with developments in technology then you are in good company. Just ask the new Chief Executive at Nokia

Time will tell whether that was a well developed piece of internal communications which rallies the troops… or an ill-considered rant. I do know people are jumping off the burning platform… the question for Mr Elop is whether they are the right ones?

P.S. You should check out this excellent piece of slideware on how the emerging digital technologies will affect the way organisations communicate…

Two years on

posted by Scott McKenzie

I am in a reflective mood this morning. My beautiful little daughter – Erin – is two years old today. Time has just zipped by since she came into our lives.

In those two short years I have got engaged, been promoted, got married, and gone on honeymoon. My two my best friends have got married and have had kids (or are having kids). My sister has also had her second child. There have been lots of happy occasions… in which Erin has more than played her part.

What scares me is how much of a unique personality she already has. Bossy, cheeky and inquisitive. Much like her mother.

I try to think about what life was like before she was born and it is genuinely difficult. I imagine I went out more, I definitely got more sleep and was probably more fun at parties… although to be fair the only parties I go to these days involve jelly and ice cream…

I first started this blog at a time (just after Erin was born) when I was fully aware that my life was changing. In fact my first post talked about the various roles in my life.

One of which was my decision to take on the role as chair of CIPR Inside. A role I recently relinquished (although leaving it in the safe hands of new chair Sean Trainor and my friend and former colleague Phil Turner).

So, the last two years have been a rollercoaster ride… scary but ultimately fun and rewarding. And with a new baby on the way and an imminent house move there is even more on the horizon…!

I promise to keep you posted.