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Change: the magic pill?

posted by Scott McKenzie

Long term followers of my blog will know that I am often entertained / educated by Ben Goldacre and his Bad Science column. Ben frequently talks about our modern-day obsession with “magic” pills.

Given the easy choice of popping a pill versus the hard choice of exercising more, eating and drinking less crap… we will take the pill.

The problem is that we know that the pill won’t really work. It won’t be long-term. It won’t be sustainable. We know we really need to change our lifestyle.

I think you can make the same point about implementing strategy. We see business leaders and high-end consultancies like our friends at McKinsey and BCG develop a great strategy. This is the pill.

You just need to swallow it and things will get better.

Trouble is it’s not that simple. Changing processes, systems, culture, people, etc takes time. And it’s hard work. 

It just like taking more exercise and eating the right things.

I know it’s much tougher. But it’s the right thing to do.

Go on – you’ll feel better for it!