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A fit of pique

posted by Scott McKenzie

Cricket followers will have been unsurprised that Australia captain Ricky Ponting has found himself in hot water for losing his temper… again. Let’s face it he does have some form.

You might expect me to castigate Mr Ponting. After all he is a role model to his team, Australia supporters and young aspiring cricketers across the world.

If his actions took place in any other workplace – a factory, or retail outlet or office then I’m sure he would also be facing disciplinary procedures.

Yes damaging the working environment in a fit of pique is unacceptable.

But I must admit I felt a bit sorry for him. After all he was playing in a World Cup match in front of millions of people across the world. It was his first match back after injury. He had been performing well when a stupid mistake saw him run out (not sure how to explain this to non-cricket lovers – basically he failed).

Apparently he threw some equipment at a television. As I understand it he did so in the “save haven” of the Australian dressing-room. And when it became clear that he had done some damage he apologised and immediately offered to pay for a new set.

So, I did feel for him when he had to go through the public humiliation of a disciplinary charge and the subsequent fine of 50% of his match fee. That is a very expensive temper he has there…

I guess my point is that his workplace is very much in the public eye. He is under an enormous amount of pressure. He is passionate about his team and his country. So if that spills over in the privacy of the Australian dressing room should he be so publically punished?

I’m sure that most people will argue that with a leadership role comes certain responsibilities. And it’s difficult to argue with that. But we also want leaders who are committed, passionate and you know what… human.

Don’t we?