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The Power of Chocolate Buttons

posted by Scott McKenzie

I am constantly amazed by my daughter’s growing ability to communicate.

She has only just turned two but we are now having quite in-depth conversations about her likes and dislikes, which currently are:



  • Mummy and daddy’s “telly programmes”
  • Bathtime
  • Getting her hair brushed
  • Naptime
  • Any green vegetables

What has also impressed me is how quickly she has grasped the concept of incentives and rewards. We are currently going through potty training. This has led to various accidents. Some of them quite messy (parenting is not glamorous!).

But the offer of a simple reward – in this case a white chocolate button – seems to have transformed the situation. She now tells us in (just about enough) time when she is ready to use the potty.

And last night her frequent trips to the potty ended up with a whole bag of chocolate buttons. I suppose that’s one way of rewarding good performance!