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Regular rhythm and structure

posted by Scott McKenzie

Life seems to be getting back into some kind of rythm and structure. You can more or less set your watch by my youngest daughter (in bed at 7pm, awake at 11.30pm, 2am and 6.45am).I’ve got used to my new commute and new area. Although I still don’t really know where anything is.

In fact that’s the very feeling we have seen many times when working with clients on major change programmes. There’s lots of ambiguity. Lots of uncertainty. People literally don’t know where anything is. Which is why putting in place a regular rhythm and structure for communications is important. Identifying a channel that can be the trusted source for information about the changes taking place. Something which people know is coming – even when there is no “new” news. It fills the vaccuum. Reduces the risk of rumours and speculation.

It smoothes out the peaks and troughs of the change process.

And so back to my life. Some things are still changing. Tonight I’m having a rare night out with my friends. We are celebrating the imminent departure of our friend Spen from his London job. He moved his family out to the provinces last year and has now got the local job to go with the country pile. I will miss him enormously.

Keeping the “rhythm” theme there is even the promise of live music tonight. Although the suggestion of “jazz fusion” feels more like a threat than a promise…

P.S. – I’m making a big effort on the rhythm and structure of my own blog… so please expect to see a new post most Fridays from here on in…!