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Superinjunctions – good for PR?

posted by Edward Jones

In healthcare parlance, the condition of the superinjunction would now be best described as ‘critical’ – beaten and bloodied by the blows of parliamentary privilege and press freedom. Surely, the kryptonite to the judiciary’s comic book gagging order. What, however, does this mean for public relations’ standing in the defence of corporate and individual reputations – if anything?

The injunction applicants in question have, we can only assume, weighed up their chosen course of action and opted for the legal route. Oh, for the delight of hindsight. Standing poorer and undoubtedly regretful of their decision making, those who now face the ignominy of full-scale public ridicule, must wonder why they didn’t take the PR alternative – a carefully controlled interview piece with a suitable outlet, or some such tactic.

I’m not inclined to ponder on what may have been done in public relations terms at this time, but to question what these developments have done for PROs in the broader ‘pecking order’. Will we now see a greater say for the profession at the ‘top table’? Will the seeming dominance of our legal counterparts in crisis situations be undermined by the continued fallout?  I hasten to add that the lawyer’s role in such situations is an important one and I’m not here to suggest that we can do it without them. However, the executive boardroom has a decidedly lofty barrier-to-entry and it’s up to the profession to continue to reiterate what we as professionals can do to earn our rightful place as trusted advisors.

Please note: This post was originally posted by Peter Roberts