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A thousand words: Human curiosity

There’s a lot that goes on outside the walls of H+K. The Shard glimmers in all its beauty in the distance, the construction work of Crossrail beneath and the appearance of a random fluro pink crane hovering over the site occasionally that make us pause from what we were doing at the time, take a deep breath before powering on.

On one innocent Thursday afternoon last week at 5.23pm, news got round that an amorous and extrovert couple could be spotted in a rather compromising position in the yellow building opposite ours. Needless to say the whole of the 4th and 6th floor at H+K ground to a halt as our voyeuristic tendencies got the better of us. Human curiosity (and behaviour) never ceases to amaze.

A thousand words: The reality of high-density housing conditions in Hong Kong

We’re starting a new series on the Shocks & Stares blog, looking at some powerful imagery we’ve come across, aptly named “A thousand words” (a picture, painting and all that jazz).

In the high-rise metropolis of Hong Kong, who’d thought housed nearly 80,000 people living in inadequate housing conditions in “cage-homes”, cubicle apartments, roof-top houses and small sub-divided and partitioned units less than 9.3 square meters? According to official stats, underneath its glittering skyline, almost a fifth of the island’s population is now living in poverty.

In a shocking photo series created by the Society for Community Organisation (SoCO), exposes the harsh realities of high-density housing conditions in Hong Kong. A prime example of all that glitters is not gold.

Image source: SoCO via Reddit