Shocks & Stares » Business columnists H&K\'s Financial & Professional Services Team Blog Tue, 19 Mar 2013 08:00:56 +0000 en hourly 1 Our Top 5 Business Columnists Tue, 19 Apr 2011 12:45:03 +0000 David Chambers As you might expect, our Financial & Professional Services team consume a truckload of traditional and new media every day on all things money. Despite the never-ending torrent, one thing we always make time for is to read the many excellent business columnists and commentators that try to make sense of everything going on.

We read a lot of these, and websites too, but which are our favourite business columnists?

With that in mind, here’s a list (in no particular order) of five of our favourites who appear in the business pages each week. This is by no means definitive, and indeed there are many others who we love to read as well – we’d welcome thoughts on your favourites too:

Anthony Hilton - one of our absolute must reads (Image from

1. Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard – A consistent hit in our team, Hilton has been providing commentary on the City for several decades. Never afraid to pull punches when it comes to analysing an issue, he always presents clear, concise, logic behind his arguments. Simply put, a must-read for us and thousands of others involved in financial services.

2. John Authers, Financial Times – Authers used to write the daily ‘Short View’ column analysing the markets but recently moved to head up the ever-excellent Lex Column. A shrewd commentator, he has the gift of making complex financial and economic jargon sound relatively simple and easy to understand for the general reader – ably demonstrated by his regular Friday ‘Long View’ column. Mentions to Gillian Tett and Martin Wolf as well here.

3. Ian King, The Times – King took over the Business Editor’s desk at The Times late last year. Before him, David Wighton also provided a concise viewpoint on the business stories of the day. King has continued in that vain, injecting a touch of humour into his column alongside strong but fair viewpoints, and cutting-edge analysis. For his part, Wighton now writes a regular Saturday business column amongst other things.

4. Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph – Formerly the Independent’s star Business Editor, we love to read Warner’s twice-weekly column in the Telegraph for its more in-depth look at key business and economic issues. He’s not afraid to take a swipe at those he disagrees with either, as his little dig at the Guardian’s Polly Toynbee earlier this month showed. He’s also a prolific tweeter.

5. Pauline Skypala, FTfm – More specialised than the others in this list, but we include Skypala because of her talent for probing the inner workings of the fund management industry and asking tough questions of it as a result.  An excellent way to start off the week with a cup of coffee on a Monday morning. Another good tweeter to follow as well.

6. Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times – Ok, so this makes six, but we like to enjoy the lighter side of business commentary as well, and Kellaway’s ‘On Work’ column on a Monday certainly provides that. I may not always agree with what she writes, but for examining office-based issues that affect us all in a humourous way, there are few better. You can look for her latest column on Twitter too.

Lucy Kellaway - Perfect Monday morning reading

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