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Friday Fiver

posted by jamesdumelow

This week’s Friday Fiver…

1. Pay day loans companies are back in the news again after being labelled by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) as “causing misery and hardship” and having 12 weeks to change their business practices or lose their licences. All in the week that maybe the most famous pay day loans company, Wonga, spoke at a Labour policy meeting on household debt. Personally any action the OFT can take to ban the catchiness of this Wonga advert tune the better!

2. Hugo Chavez died this week as a result of a long term battle with cancer. Some conspiracy theorists allege his cancer was caused by the CIA ; a claim dismissed by the White House as “absurd”. Love him or hate him Chavez was a huge figure on the international stage and what happens now in Venezuela is a big question mark.  However for those Chavez fans out there this is not the last we shall hear of him as according to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, Chavez will be resurrected along with Jesus. China will be watching developments particularly closely given that the state owned China Development Bank lent Venezuela over $40bn from 2008-2012 ($1,400 for every Venezuelan), a sum I suspect it would rather a post-Chavez administration would not default on.

3. Another country, another story; however the same response from the US government.  North Korea threatened on Thursday to launch a “pre-emptive nuclear strike on the headquarters of the aggressors”. A threat that was met with the response of the week from the US government – “Absurd (and suicidal)”. Meanwhile next door, a better week for the South Korean economy – on Monday the South Korean won depreciated against the dollar to its lowest level since February 12, buoyed on by weakness in the Japanese yen. Good news for those Koreans who have been wishing for a weaker won.

4. Today (Friday) is International Women’s Day, a day of political and social awareness of the struggles women worldwide face.  FPS would like to use the occasion to celebrate its favourite woman and one that faces one of the greatest struggles of our day in her quest for worldwide economic stability – Happy International Women’s Day to Christine LeGarde


  5. Finally, out of deference to Matt Bright and Danny Calogero, our two native Hullians in FPS we will end the week with a few of our favourite bits of Hull lingo from Learning to Speak Ull

  • Ellur, arm from ‘ull - Good morning, I am from Hull
  • Giz a croggie - Request for a ride on the crossbar of a bicycle
  • Gizza pennith ‘gammy fruit - Could I please have some of those bruised apricots

That’s it for the Friday Fiver! Happy Friday and end of the working week.  FPS are signing off and disappearing for Arfa Larga - A smaller glass of beer of continental origin