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Intern Insights: Do Not Make Cross-Pod Tea

posted by Tess Harris

My name is Tess and I began an internship in the Financial and Professional Services team at H+K strategies last Monday. Intern insights is an account of my ‘FPS first impressions’ (blogger alliteration mastered) and will give my fellow PR wannabes the low-down on interning at H+K.

So here goes…my first day…

I arrived at the Hill and Knowlton offices in Soho Square, dressed up in my best suit, clipboard at the ready and Blackberry in hand. All-in-all I was feeling thoroughly grown-up.  Moments into meeting the team, however, this sentiment was dissipated as word spread around the office that I was a 90s child, and the youngest in the team.

After a whistle-stop tour of the building, I settled down at my desk and tried to make a seating plan of names from the snippets of conversation I could hear. This was made difficult though, as it seemed that everyone in the team was called Claire.

I was then introduced to the workplace jargon. At H+K, groups of desks are called pods and in the FPS team, we have ‘superpod’, ‘squash pod’ and ‘tea pod.’ In honour of my position on ‘tea pod’, and in an attempt to make some friends, I called across the room to see who wanted a cup.

Big mistake. Whilst this might not seem like the biggest of faux pas, I had actually violated one of the most important rules of office politics and four runs to the kitchen later I had learnt the first lesson of my internship:

Unless you want to waste a good hour of your life, you do not make cross-pod tea.

Lesson learned.  I’ve since been able to move on to the real meat of my internship and have already found out so much about the exciting world of PR and communications. In the coming weeks I hope to discuss more intellectual topics– but for today- in honour of my place on ‘tea pod’ – it seemed fitting to focus on the humble hot drink that gets us all through the working day.