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Given Twitter’s unique ability to latch onto specific issues in the news agenda and flood your feed with jokes about it, it was probably inevitable that this week’s post focused on the papal election. For that I apologise, though the tweet I have chosen is SO INTERESTING it had me looking like the above lion. Well, almost.

Everybody’s favourite former Baby of the House, the Rt. Hon. David Lammy MP gave us all a timely reminder of the dangers posed by absent-minded tweeting. Really, I can’t remember such a good example since Ed Balls’ infamous tweeting of his own name.

Thankfully, Mr Lammy soon realised his mistake and shared the moral of today’s story in the following tweet. It’s a simple lesson that we should all bear in mind, though I rarely tweet from the Chamber myself:

Lesson learned

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Tweet of the Week Thu, 07 Mar 2013 11:02:12 +0000 Daniel George

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Welcome back for the second edition of Tweet of the Week. In last week’s post, we saw Noah Smith take the award for pointing out a key piece of wisdom that investors often forget. This time, we’re being educated by @madeupstats.

This account serves to remind us to review stats we come across with a critical eye. Indeed, I’m sure we all obviously thought Annie Lennox was singing about statistics in Eurythmics’s seminal hit Sweet Dreams.

Anyway, in its own way @madeupstats also drops little gems of wisdom along the way that we can all learn from. This week’s winner concerns the perils of QR codes:

There may yet be some hope for QR codes, however. Much like any other tactic, if the rationale for their use is well-considered and the execution is creative, they can really drive engagement and add value to a client’s campaign and business. This example from Bergge Tattoo is a great case in point.

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Tweet of the Week Wed, 27 Feb 2013 15:43:46 +0000 Daniel George The H+K Tweet of the Week Award

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It’s perhaps predictable given that we work in PR that some of us on the FPS team spend a little more time on Twitter than is probably healthy. To justify my addiction to following people around online I’ve decided to introduce a weekly feature on the blog, celebrating the very best tweets I come across. Hence, the new Tweet of the Week feature Award.

I warn you not to expect a consistent theme as this award runs. The sheer variety of content I come across means that the winners will likely win for really different reasons. Indeed, if I find Zayn Malik the most entertaining or insightful user then he will win, regardless of whether he airs his views on payday loans. This week is simple, however. A simple yet oft-neglected fact won the inaugural award for finance professor, Noah Smith:

This week's winner

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