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How users view Facebook Timeline

posted by Will Salkeld

Did you see this? EyeTrackShop just released details revealing how Facebook users’ eyes scan content situated within Facebook’s new[ish] Timeline format. Although the sample size was only small, the results have some interesting implications for branded profiles.

EyeTrackShop data on what users view on Facebook Timeline

“EyeTrackShop recorded eye movements of 30 participants as they were shown brand profiles — before and after being converted to timeline — from the Dallas Cowboys, Good Morning America, “The Muppets” and Pepsi in 10-second intervals.”

You can read more about the results here, but one takeout from the study that I found particularly interesting was that ads on Timeline are less visible than ads on Facebook’s old format for branded pages.

According to Mashable, “30%-40% of study participants looked at ads on brand Timeline pages, 80% looked at them on Brand Pages. In both cases, ads placed higher up on the page fared better than those below them.”

The visually arresting nature of Timeline makes it hardly surprising that cover images and custom tab images are usurping the more text laden messages of advertisements, but it’s difficult to understand why the data varies so heavily from EyeTrackShop’s last study.

It’s only been a few months but it’s odd to think that at one point EyeTrackShop claimed Facebook ads got noticed more in Facebook Timeline. (Sounds like they need a bigger sample size!) Inconsistencies aside, there’s one parallel we can learn from the two studies:

Cover photos are prime real estate for brands.

Having great content is one thing, but as your most visible page asset, the cover photo now trumps wall-posts as your first point of call for impressionable Facebook users.

Make your cover photo powerful and make it relevant to your audience to establish a unique value proposition that brings people back to the page. You can also use dynamic custom tab images to assist conversions and promote engaging Facebook apps.

From then on carefully crafted content is your best friend when it comes to keeping your audience on song.