Long Time Readers, First Time Bloggers

17 October 2008

Washington DC is a fascinating place. A place with so much history, so many stories and a place that conjures up so many images – monuments, flags,  power, jazz, crab cakes, the Redskins…. technology?

The city, and the government and industry within it have an impact on so much in our world. There are thousands of people talking and writing about DC and what goes on here. We don’t want to look at things that are already better covered elsewhere. What we want to look at is the continuation of an emerging trend in the last decade (and beyond some might argue) that has seen Washington become ever more active in shaping, enabling, constraining or regulating the technology sector. We’ve also seen the growth of a technology corridor in northern Virginia – much based on contracting to the government, but not all.

That’s what we want to look at and discuss on this blog. Tech and the Capital.

2008 and 2009 are going to be even more fascinating here in DC. We will obviously see a new President and Administration, a new Congress with different members and some committee changes – all of which will have profound impacts on technology and by extension you and me as consumers. Who will lead the FCC and the ITC? Who’s going to be running Committee X or Think Tank Y? Is Chris Cooley the best Tight End in the league?

We’ll also see the ongoing fallout, impact and hopefully rebound of the financial crisis. I’ve heard several people say that Washington runs Wall St now. I’m sure not for how long until those animal spirits are released again,  but long enough that the debate over whether the Shuttle or the Acela is quicker between here and NYC will get even louder. And all of that will have an impact on technology. How? I’m not entirely sure yet, but join us for the ride as we try and work it out…

If you’re interested in Tech, interested in DC or interested in both this blog is for you (I hope).

Have a look at H&K’s code of conduct and you’ll see the guidelines we’re going to try and stick to. Be patient as we find our stride, but also let us know what you think (but please be polite).

From the team here on the corner of 14th and F St – thank you for reading this far and we hope you’ll stick around a little longer.



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One Response to “Long Time Readers, First Time Bloggers”

  1. Kristin Hunter

    This is a great idea, guys.  I look forward to hearing more from the DC tech team!  

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