One place attack ads don’t play

22 October 2008

an increasingly competitive PC market in China, the one thing you won’t
see a lot of is competitive de-positioning. Whether it’s some of the
work we do on competitive behind the scenes or obvious things like
having an executive pointing out flaws in other’s business models or
products, culturally this is not considered an ethical and valid
approach. I’m learning that here, even in a competitive market where
even small margins mean big sales, companies are reluctant to challenge
other company’s claims and products. Commenting on other companies just
doesn’t happen. The message is extremely one-sided.  The mantra is talk
only about the positive attributes of your company and if a reporter
asks about a competitor the response is always; “no comment.”

more of our U.S. clients head to China for conferences, press
conferences and media tours, I thought this would helpful advice for
you to pass along to clients making the trip. Please just scrub your
messaging to be less direct than we would here in the U.S.

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