No IM’ing Friends from The White House

23 January 2009

Those of us who can’t imagine what it was like to do business before the invention of the cell phone or BlackBerry wouldn’t want to be working at the White House this week.   The Washington Post reported yesterday that when President Obama’s new staff showed up for work, they found the place in technology shambles.  No Facebook (gasp) or IM.  This just won’t do for the folks who defined social networking in political campaigns.  A few days after delighting that he’ll get to keep his BlackBerry, his staff finds itself using Gmail accounts to communicate, instead of that oh-so-coveted “” extension.  I’ve got to imagine security firms nationwide are taking notice: there is a group of young, tech-savvy staffers in the White House now, and an even more fervent American public anxious to read about President Obama’s every move via Twitter, who need secure ways to communicate which aren’t hack-able or phish-able.  Get to work security firms.  Yes you can.

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One Response to “No IM’ing Friends from The White House”

  1. Shanna Hunt

    Nice one Vanessa.

    I wonder if when Obama’s team decided on his "Yes We Can" slogan, they ever thought it would get the legs it does. Go anti-phishing companies, Go!

    I dread the future headlines that may read, "No We Didn’t" Ugh. (Not that Obama would ever let that happen….)

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