Re-evaluating Twitter

22 June 2009

Given the line of work I’m in it’s probably slightly blasphemous, but I must confess that to date I haven’t been the most enthusiastic advocate of Twitter.  As a slight news junkie and someone who is interested in a wide range of topics, you’d think I’d have embraced it – but I’m already having a hard time keeping up with RSS feeds, listservs and my favorite news site and often feel frustrated about the fact that I no longer seem to have the time to read through more in-depth articles and actually think a little bit about what I’m seeing around me. While I’ve found Facebook a great way to re-connect and stay in touch with friends around the world, I am contemplating discretely culling some acquaintances because I’m getting tired of hearing that their cat just sneezed. I’ve also noticed that I’m less inclined to click through links I’ve been sent and join groups I’ve been invited to than I was a year ago – I guess I’ve harbored the bias that Twitter is just more of the same and that the hype would soon die down.

However news about the role that Twitter played in organizing and reporting about the protests in Iran last week have opened my eyes to what a powerful tool it can be.  Noam Cohen’s piece in the New York Times Week in Review section over the weekend does a good job at highlighting why and pointing to some of its strengths and weaknesses.   It hasn’t changed my mind about Twitter completely, but it is compelling me to take a closer look.  Watch this space…

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