Social Media Conference Proves Learning Gap

26 June 2009

            On Tuesday, I went to Redskins, Twitter, SocialTimes, Facebook and Community,” a small gathering, to learn more about how powerful social media can really be. Being an intern and new to D.C., I thought that this would be a great way to learn more about all of these social media tools so that I could return back with some impressive insights on social media. Well, I was wrong. I know how to use Facebook and am an avid tweeter, so when they broke the shocking news that Facebook and Twitter were great ways to promote yourself or your company, I was a bit disappointed. On the contrary, some people new to social media found all this information breathtaking.

Now, I’ve never considered myself a social media expert. It seems that level of expertise is impossible to reach. Every time I feel that I have mastered social media, someone lets me know just how clueless I am due to the latest release of some new online tool.

Although it may have been for a different demographic, I did walk away with some useful information. Cindy Boren, Redskins and NFL editor for the Washington Post, offered a lot of insight on how she has increased her followers with a Redskins Twitter account to inform fans of latest news.  Nick O’Neill, founder of Social Times and AllFacebook, also mentioned the up-and-coming Google Wave, which gives us an idea of the future of online communication.

With the overnight growth of social media, many different levels of understanding have occurred. Maybe future events on social media should have some sort of ranking. For example, this one should have been…  Twitter 101 perhaps?

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