Tech in 5: NextGenWeb’s Shana Glickfield

08 April 2010

Have you gotten around to reading the 359 page National Broadband Plan that was recently released by the FCC? What, too busy? One of the primary goals of the plan is to provide 100 million households with broadband access by 2020.  Shana Glickfield from NextGenWeb joined us a week after the plan was released in the Hill & Knowlton studios to help us decipher the plan and put  it into language that we can all understand.

Check out the video below to learn more about the FCC Broadband Plan:

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3 Responses to “Tech in 5: NextGenWeb’s Shana Glickfield”

  1. Zoë Bunyard

    Very well explained. I am much more inclined now to look into the broadband plan. Well done!

  2. Akilah Bacy

    I never contemplated the necessity of a broadband plan for today’s society and for success in all areas. Furthermore, I assumed it was accessible to all. I think it’s a great goal to get the broadband plan adopted by Congress and will be keeping up more with the outcome.

  3. Jina Sawani

    Great piece! Highly intriguing to learn more about the BB plan and how it will impact society. I look forward to more videos re: the plan and its consequential effects. Additionally, I agree with Ms. Bacy, in that I truly hope the BB plan is adopted by Congress.

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