At Fortune Green: Energy takes center stage

13 April 2010

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA –  Day two at Fortune Brainstorm GREEN and there have been a number of intriguing story lines to follow.  Most notably, panel discussions are focusing on where companies can save money, how the U.S will work with potential cap & trade being introduced and ultimately, what impact renewable energy will have on the future of this country.


One of the more intriguing stories being told here is by one of the largest global shipping and logistics companies, who has introduced a new electric courier van designed to ultimately replace its current fleet. In speaking yesterday to a company representative, it appears the biggest challenge will be getting to and from destinations due to the limited amount of infrastructure [for charging the vehicles?] that exists today.  However, that is changing and the shipping company was able to get the van here from the Midwest.  Very impressive.


Marc Gunther, who is one of the premier environmentalist bloggers out there, asked a panel where they think renewable energy will be 10 years from now. The responses largely centered on our home town of Washington and how much impact the government will have.  That seems to be the big concern from a renewable energy standpoint– especially given the amount of emphasis our current administration is placing on off-shore drilling. 


Tech & the District will be coming to you live again later with more information!

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