Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Redesign

23 April 2010

Bloomberg BusinessWeek was handing out free copies of this week’s edition of the magazine outside Washington’s Metro Center train station today,  no doubt to draw attention to its new look: today is the debut of the magazine’s redesign since its purchase by Bloomberg in December.  Since it’s a key publication for many of our clients, we thought we’d give it a quick review on Tech & The District. 


Some of the more noticeable changes:  Bloomberg’s influence is certainly more marked, featuring more prominently in the publication’s title which is now in Bloomberg font as well as in the content.  The magazine is thicker and articles are shorter and more compact but cover a wider variety of topics.   This week’s edition featured an impressive range of articles and commentary by prominent columnists and financial journalists such as Michael Lewis and Jonathan Weil.  It also featured more light-hearted fare including advice on the right sneaker to wear to the office and tips on alternative ways to get a caffeine rush if that cup of Joe isn’t doing its thing.  The content is accessible to general audiences but carries enough weight to appeal to those looking for more in-depth analysis.  A nice touch is that the print edition carries an index page in addition to the contents page, making articles of interest easier to find. 


Importantly from a Tech perspective, it looks like there will be more room for coverage as Technology is one of the five weekly sections alongside Global Economics, Companies and Industries, Politics & Policy, and Markets & Finance. 


In short, if the magazine continues on this trend I think it has the potential to turn the tide of falling circulation/readership and maybe even become the American version of the Economist that Michael Bloomberg has envisioned.  The verdict is out, and the magazine still appears to have some internal challenges to overcome according to some of its competitors like Fortune and the  Wall Street Journal.  It’s interesting to read what they have written about the redesign.

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