Pew’s Mobile Access 2010 Study

08 July 2010

I read Engadget’s post on Pew’s Mobile Access study and decided to investigate the whole study for myself. Anyone who uses a mobile device should take a look at this study which examines the ways Americans are using their phones, as well as wireless internet and computer usage in general.  It is interesting to see which mobile device functions are increasing in popularity, and what the majority of people are doing on their phones. 

I found the chart “Young adults lead the way in use of mobile data applications” most interesting. As someone who would fit in the young adult category, I was surprised to see such a drop in almost every one of the mobile phone use categories from ages 18-29 to 30-49, and then again at 50-64. The categories measured  include, “Send/receive text messages,” “Use a social networking site” and “Make a purchase,” among others. I would have expected some of these categories, particularly “Send/receive email” and “Access the internet,” to have similar statistics across these three groups due to the functionality of these mobile phone uses in the workplace.

Take a look at Mobile Access 2010 and let us know what statistics you found the most interesting or surprising.

By Sara Hiller (Tech Intern)

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