Social Media – Your Secret Weapon for New Business

26 October 2010

As promised, I present to you, another blog post recapping some of the highlights of this year’s PRSA International Conference.

The afternoon session I attended focused on gaining new business through social media. It was presented by Bailey Gardiner’s  COO Indra Gardiner. First off, let me start by saying, while I’m a millennial and a “digital native” the thought of scoring new business from a LinkedIn profile seemed… well, a little out there. How can I use a LinkedIn profile to hook the interest of a corporation in need of my agency’s professional skills? The answer – conversation.

A profile can only take you so far. In order to pique interest of potential clients you must engage in interaction through forums and posts. Answer questions other people are posing and link them back to your company’s website to show off a few case studies. Showcase your expertise!  Share experiences and link to articles that may answer questions people want answers to.  Linking to articles of reporters with whom you may have established relationships also gives you credibility. Not to mention, it gives back to reporters who may have helped you in the past. This engagement and interaction will also increase your company’s SEO, giving your company even more of a chance to shine in the online spotlight. 

So the moral of this blog post was that your company’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages won’t earn you new biz alone, nor will your personal page. Engagement and knowledge of the space will reel them in. As PR professionals, we must practice what we preach; telling our clients to engage in social media will not have nearly as much impact if we ourselves are not engaged. 

*Disclosure – LinkedIn is a client of Hill & Knowlton

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