Google Teaches Your Mom How to Use the Internet

15 December 2010

Here in the Nation’s Capitol, we tend focus a lot on our differences. Democrat vs. Republican; native vs. transplant, city dweller vs. suburbanite; and of course, Shanahan vs. Haynesworth. Thankfully, our friends at Google have reminded us that there is one quality that unites us: we all have an older relative who is clueless about technology – and counts on us to walk him or her through every nominal task.

I certainly can relate. I’ll never forget the day I taught my uncle that it was indeed possible to email multiple people at once (the poor guy had been forwarding the same message to his friends individually). My roommate figured out a way to access his parents’ computers from afar so he wouldn’t have to walk them through instructions over the phone anymore.

Google’s new Teach Parents Tech operation aims to put an end to this. This creative initiative allows you to send customized videos to your less tech-savvy relatives on subjects ranging from ranging from copying and pasting to unsubscribing to newsletters.

Yes, some of the videos are slightly self-promotional. For example, the “how to shorten a long URL” video utilizes rather than the more widely utilized And if this is meant for tech beginners, they probably don’t need to be taught how to create their own blogs. Still, I found it to be an a unique and effective educational tool – as well as a time saver for people like me.

Has anyone else utilized Teach Parents Tech yet? What are your thoughts?

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