DAILY FIVE (12/21)

21 December 2010

1. Senate Reauthorizes Science and Technology Education Programs, National Journal, Josh Smith

The Senate voted to reauthorize the America COMPETES Act Friday, leaving approval of the plan for science and technology research programs to the House. The legislation authorizes research and education programs at federal science agencies in an effort to boost U.S. competitiveness.

2. Verizon Mulls Suit to Block Net Neutrality Rules, News Max

Telecom giant Verizon might sue to block the ” ‘Net neutrality” rules the Federal Communications Commission is poised to adopt today, the National Journal’s Tech Daily Dose blog reports. The nation’s second largest telecommunications carrier hasn’t decided whether to take the federal government to court but is reviewing the proposed new FCC regulations, which would bar Internet providers from treating their own online services preferentially by slowing or blocking competitors’ services.

3. Surprise! Windows Phone 7 sold more than 1.5 million in six weeks, Computer World, Preston Gralla

Microsoft is out with initial sales figures for Windows Phone 7, and the results will surprise skeptics (including me), who expected sales to be dismal. The company just announced that more than 1.5 million phones were sold in the first six weeks, a solid rollout.

4. Do We Need FCC’s Net Neutrality Order?, PC Magazine, Lance Ulanoff

FCC logoThis morning, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will vote on a Net Neutrality “Order”, constructing rules for the Internet that many are still not sure it has the right to enforce. The commission is ostensibly designing this plan to protect consumers, however many are describing it as meddling (or worse) by a Big Brother-like entity. Even those who support it appear to be doing so almost unwillingly.

5. SEC Said to Start Probe of Mark Hurd’s Resignation as Hewlett-Packard CEO, Bloomberg, Douglas MacMillan and Cory Johnson

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has begun an inquiry into Mark Hurd’s departure as chief executive officer from Hewlett-Packard Co., two people familiar with the matter said.

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