DAILY FIVE (12/24)

24 December 2010

1. The technology of Santa, Public Radio

Tonight, Santa Claus will be getting a lot of work done. First, he’ll go to one house, slide down the chimney, place toys beneath a tree, maybe nibble a cookie, feed a carrot to a reindeer. Then he’ll repeat the process ZILLIONS of times. All in a few hours. What technology does Santa use to get all that done?

2. It’s tablet time at CES 2011, ZDNe, John Morris

This year the Consumer Electronics Show, in early January, is shaping up to be the year of the tablet. Yet the most (some would say “only”) successful tablet to date is the one that won’t be at CES. Apple sold 7.5 million iPads in the first six months and no doubt millions more this holiday season. Its shadow will hangs over the show, forcing a wide range of companies–chipmakers, computer hardware and consumer electronics companies, software developers and wireless carriers–to announce plans for tablets. Here’s what I’m expecting to see.

3. Google Shells Out $1.9 Billion for NYC Office Space, MSNBC

Google on Wednesday said it has bought an 18-storey building in New York to accommodate its 2,000-plus-strong workforce in the world’s financial capital.

4. NATO Starts Cloud Computing, Wall Street Journal, John Miller

There’s a move by governments and bureaucracies around the world to shift data storage and processing into what’s known as the “cloud,” that aggregation of all the world’s biggest computer servers and databases.

5. Level 3 Goes To FCC Over Fight With Comcast, Time, Graeme McMillan

The argument between Netflix partner Level 3 and Comcast over carriage fees looks set to get a lot uglier with the news that Level 3 has asked the FCC to step in and put conditions on Comcast’s merger with NBC Universal. The company is asking the FCC to enforce on Comcast a five year period where interconnection agreements would be made on “nondiscriminatory, fair and reasonable terms,” with a further suggestion that Comcast should be made to connect certain internet backbone companies “on a settlement free-basis.”

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