03 February 2011

1. Just How Clean is Cleantech? Cleaner than IT, Green Biz, Matthew Wheeland

State of Green Business30 years after this pollution spurred the creation of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, they are still working on cleaning up more than 20 of those sites, largely suffering from water pollution released by those electronics manufacturers.

2. The 10 hottest tablets coming in 2011, ZDNet, Jason Hiner

Here is my list of the 10 most significant tablets to watch for, at least until someone else announces another new one next week.

3. Google to Dominate Apple By 2015, Tech Week

According to a recent prediction by technology industry watchers; Apple’s iPad dominance of the tablet computers is expected to be overturned by the search engine giant Google within four years.

4. The Hill’s Geek-in-Chief, Politico, Patrick Gavin

Some politicians strut into a room confidently with their rock star looks, like, say Sen. Scott Brown. Others carry enough gravitas and know-how that it can be downright intimidating (see: Rep. Barney Frank). Owning a different type of territory — call it the Computer Corner — is John Culberson, a five-term Republican congressman from Texas and an unabashed geek.

5. Egypt’s Internet Blackout Cost More Than OECD Estimates, Forbes, Parmy Olson

Researchers at the OECD have done some back-of-the-envelope calculations to figure out how much a clampdown on the Internet cost Egypt’s economy. Their estimate? About $90 million, or $18 million a day. But a closer look at the numbers shows that the real answer is probably much higher.

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