16 February 2011

1. Could the technology that upended Egypt create similar unrest in the U-S?, Examiner, Bruce Maiman

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered an interesting speech at George Washington University Tuesday, one that may have greater meaning than she can imagine, or that she and other government leaders might not want to imagine.

2. Analysis: Alliances Sought in Barcelona, Wall Street Journal, Ben Rooney

If you want an illustration of the speed of change that is taking place in the mobile industry, take two examples; Windows Phone 7 and HTC’s announcement of the “Facebook” phone (we have to put it in quotes because Facebook have made it clear that it isn’t really their phone at all).

3. Nokia paves the way at Mobile World Congress, Investors Chronicle, Malar Velaigam

The Mobile World Congress kicked off on Monday, but the crowd was still abuzz from Nokia’s news of its alliance with Microsoft in a bid to revive its fortunes in the smartphone world. But while Nokia may have jumped off what its new chief executive described as its “burning platform” into the cold, wet embrace of Microsoft, what could this mean for UK semiconductor companies?

4. Schmidt promises to get ‘permission’ before taking over our world, The Register, Bill Ray

Eric Schmidt wants us to love the Earth more, and tells us that the more information we share with Google the easier that will be – all with our permission of course.

5. Clinton on Internet Freedom: Living by the Standards We Hold the World To, The Atlantic, Bruce Gottlieb

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has delivered a bold and — given the context — important speech today about freedom on the Web.

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