Technology Making Us Green with Efficiency

29 March 2011

One exciting element of technology is its ability to change the way we live. Most would view technology as a key contributor to enhancing the way we operate and communicate.  Smartphones, e-readers and GPS all have changed the way we access the Internet, read, communicate and travel. I would also argue technology has made us smarter – and more sustainable.

As one of the leaders of Hill & Knowlton’s Green Team, I’m always looking for ways we can reduce our environmental footprint. And over the weekend, I read an article that gave me hope that technology can and will serve as a guide to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Reporter Susan Wilson Solovic provided examples of mobile applications on smartphones that can help consumers be more socially and environmentally friendly.  For example, she talked about an iPhone app that allows consumers to scan in a bar code and receive information about a product’s social responsibility. Another application allows consumers to reference listings compiled by environmental organizations to decide what bathroom tissue to buy and a third application that helps commuters find folks to car-pool with, saving gasoline and time.

My favorite application that Susan mentions is called GreenDrive. This application actually helps you increase your automobile’s fuel efficiency by providing the driver with road conditions and real time driving directions to avoid congestion – something everyone here in DC can attest would be quite useful.

Mobile applications aren’t just games and entertainment, they’re making us smarter and more efficient. The mobile industry is helping us become greener and smarter, one application at a time.

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