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2. Japan Quake May Cut Supply of Key Technology Materials, Credit Suisse Says, Bloomberg, Richard Frost

The Japanese earthquake may threaten the world’s supply of BT resin, used in electronic devices including handsets, Credit Suisse Group AG said.

3. Twitter Revs Up Security With HTTPS, PC World, Daniel Ionescu

Twitter announced security improvements to its website, allowing use of the HTTPS protocol to log into the online service.

4. Arizona tech industry reports job gains, Arizona Republic, Ken Alltucker

Even as Arizona’s private sector shed jobs during the recession at nearly twice the national rate, the state’s technology sector fared better, with aerospace/defense and biosciences posting job gains, a report to be released today shows.

5. The Key to Innovation: Build a Platform, like Apple, Fobres, Robert Reiss

When it was launched in 1995, Fast Company magazine set a new tone in progressive business media, with a unique editorial focus on discovering the creativity and innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical companies), leadership, and design.

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DAILY FIVE (3/15) Tue, 15 Mar 2011 15:12:23 +0000 Ben Breit 1. Venture investment in U.S. clean tech companies rose in 2010, Reuters, Nichola Groom

Venture capital investment in U.S. clean technology companies rose 46 percent to $5.1 billion last year after a big decline in 2009, according to a report by research firm Clean Edge released on Monday.

2. Japan earthquake disrupts technology companies, BBC, Staff

Technology firms are facing major disruption to supplies in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami which have devastated parts of Japan.

3. How Japan’s Quake Disaster May Damage Tech Business, Fast Company, Kit Eaton

The ongoing disaster in Japan is an unprecedented human tragedy. And there are less immediately pressing but still considerable side effects–Japan is a key location for much of the world’s high tech industry. How will the earthquake and tsunami affect the industry?

4. Tech industry gets drunk on SXSW’s fumes, Tech Eye, Aurevoir Chatte

If you thought CES was weird, with its giant neon alien babies and quesadillas, then you haven’t been to South by Southwest.

5. Diller on tech bubble: ‘We’re puffing it up pretty nicely’, CNET, Caroline McCarthy

Is there a little bit of madness to the sky-high tech company valuations that are all over the place right now? Yes, says IAC founder and former entertainment mogul Barry Diller, who gave a talk at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) this morning to provide a bit of blunt, curmudgeonly insight for a conference best-known as a hub of the young, wide-eyed, and exuberant.

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DAILY FIVE (3/11) Fri, 11 Mar 2011 20:45:52 +0000 Ben Breit 1. Searching for New Tech at South by Southwest, New York Times, Jenna Wortham

We’re here on the ground in Austin South by Southwest Interactive, the annual gathering of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in the industry.

2. Technology Companies Assess Japanese Quake Impact, Dow Jones, Ruth Bender

Technology companies Friday were assessing the impact of the Japanese earthquake on component supplies and on their local plants, staff and subcontractors, with a majority of companies saying they aren’t seeing any serious damage or impact so far.

3. Google, local platforms respond to Japan’s 8.9 earthquake crisis, Fast Company, Jenera Nerenberg

An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 hit Japan today, resulting in tsunami warnings for 20 countries, as well as California and Hawaii. Crisis mappers wasted no time responding: In under 2.5 hours Google launched its person finder application, which was also used when New Zealand’s 6.3 quake struck last month, and a local developer in Tokyo, Shu Sigashi, a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation in Japan, quickly put up a localized Ushahidi crisis platform.

4. Congressman stands by his proposal: An iPad for every student, The Hill, Josiah Ryan

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) said he stood-by a proposal he made last week that could result in the federal government providing an Ipad for every student in the nation, despite a barrage of criticism he has suffered from the media in recent days.

5. Ballmer: Game technology is the future for the energy industry, Politico, Darren Goode

So how can your Xbox 360 lead to better collaboration among energy companies and more efficient offshore drilling? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is excited to tell you.

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DAILY FIVE (3/8) Tue, 08 Mar 2011 15:59:47 +0000 Ben Breit 1. Locke to succeed Huntsman as China ambassador, The Hill, Sara Jerome

President Obama will choose Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to succeed Jon Huntsman as ambassador to China.

2. Obama plans visit to tech academy, Boston Globe, Peter Schworm

The students at TechBoston Academy tried to play it cool, did their best to shrug off the swirling news as no big deal. But it was no use. Even teenage indifference couldn’t hide their excitement.

3. Obama to overhaul heinous US patent system, The Register, Rik Myslewski

The Obama administration is launching an effort to reform the slow-motion train wreck that is the US Patent and Trademark Office.

4. How Much Tech Do You Need?, Smart Money, Kelli Grant

When Apple introduced its newest laptop last month, the company bragged about faster processors, dazzling graphics, new connectivity and a better camera. But all these improvements – to a series of computers that was already by most accounts pretty good – left some critics with a pointed question: Who really needs all that?

5. Technology boosts Girl Scout cookie sales, Washington Post, Margaret Webb Pressler

For 10-year-old Lalah Williams, the magic number is 1,000 – boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, that is.

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DAILY FIVE (3/7) Mon, 07 Mar 2011 22:04:03 +0000 Ben Breit 1. Biggest Tech PR Disasters, PC Magazine, Brian Heater

Want to take a look back at the best tech company public relations disaster? We do!

2. Technology grads not ready for resurgent economy: survey, ZDNet, Joe McKendrick

Are graduates of IT programs at colleges and universities capable of hitting the ground running?  Not likely, says a new survey of 376 employers.

3. Career Watch: Six promising technology job titles, Computer World, Jamie Eckle

What is the single best way to keep up with changes in our industry? By being involved.

4. Tech companies desperate for “rockstarninja engineers”, CNN, Laurie Segall

With launch costs low and valuations soaring, startups are multiplying like rabbits in tech hot zones like New York and Silicon Valley.

5. Biz Break: Silicon Valley tech companies are hiring, but jobless rate has climbed, San Jose Mercury News, Frank Michael Russell

Silicon Valley’s jobless rate climbed in January from the month before as employers trimmed seasonal jobs, the California Employment Development reported today.

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DAILY FIVE (3/3) Thu, 03 Mar 2011 15:04:32 +0000 Ben Breit 1. Obama Spreads Innovation Agenda To Middle America, Huffington Post, John Dearborn

On February 22, President Obama visited Cleveland with an impressive team of five cabinet members and two senior administration officials for the first in a series of Winning the Future Forum on Small Business gatherings across the country.

2. What Obama and Congress Should Do for Technology & Innovation, Tech News Daily, Staff

We asked one simple question: If you could ask President Obama and Congress to do one thing related to your field that would be for the good of the economy and the country, what would it be and why?

3. iPad 2 Launch: 5 Things You Need to Know, PC World, Ian Paul

Apple’s original iPad drew big crowds during its U.S. and international launches, and the iPad 2 promises more of the same. With that in mind, here’s a quick look at some of things you need to know before braving the crowds next Friday.

4. The iPad 2 is here, but laptops are not going away any time soon, ZDNet, James Kendrick

While I like a good tablet in my hands, I am aware enough to understand that the laptop is not going away any time soon, post-PC blockbuster or not.

5. The Top 10 Clean-Tech Companies, Wall Street Journal, Colleen Debaise

Companies that make everything from solar panels to renewable-crude oil continue to be big draws for funding from the venture-capital community.

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DAILY FIVE (3/1) Tue, 01 Mar 2011 14:22:41 +0000 Ben Breit 1. GDC: Google Woos Game Makers, InformationWeek, Thomas Claburn

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) opened in San Francisco, Calif., on Monday and Google is conspicuously present, with a large banner promoting its development tools in the North Hall of the Moscone Convention Center and more than two full days of presentations.

2. Game On At GDC, Forbes, David Ewalt

Take care if you happen to travel through downtown San Francisco this week: The sidewalks are full of people walking with their heads down, eyes locked on their smart phone, Nintendo DS or Sony PlayStation Portable, deeply engrossed in a video game and not necessarily watching where they are going.

3. Spread wireless technology for a shared future, Seattle Times, Editorial Board

President Obama’s commitment to spreading 4G high-speed wireless across America is basic to how the nation competes, survives and prospers in a global economy.

4. Silicon Valley firms, whose chiefs met with Obama, rely on D.C. lobbyists, Washington Post, Amanda Becker

When President Obama broke bread with Silicon Valley leaders on Feb. 17, he had assembled a team of tech all-stars to hash out the White House’s plan to encourage innovation.

5. 7 gadgets to ease, enliven your digital life, Detroit Free Press, Mark Smith

How to choose among the constantly revolving door of the so-called biggest, latest and new-and-improved gadgets?

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DAILY FIVE (2/28) Mon, 28 Feb 2011 19:31:17 +0000 Ben Breit 1. Game Developers Conference to see new players join, San Francisco Chronicle, Casey Newton

When the Game Developers Conference opens Monday at Moscone Center, visitors will find the usual heavy presences from industry giants like Nintendo and Sony.

2. Technology Industry Groups Increase Advocacy With New Website, National Journal, Josh Smith

Seeking to ramp up their advocacy efforts in D.C., CompTIA and a range of regional trade organizations launched a website Monday aimed at representing small- and medium-sized technology companies.

3. Intel’s — and the Entire Tech Industry’s — Big Competitor: China, BNET, Erik Sherman

Intel (INTC) has great weakness on the mobile front, but what has kept the company humming along is its strength in traditional PC markets. But there is a growing new threat on that front: China.

4. Turn off your tech for National Unplug Day, ZDNet, Jack Schofield

Was man made for computers or were computers made for man? Can we live without them, if only for a day?

5. Oscars: Technology Puts Everyone on Stage, The Celebrity Café, Amber Belus

Oscars night guests experienced the awards in a more technologically advanced form this year, provided by ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts. A second screen was added to the set-up to be more suitable to broadcasts and portable devices.

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DAILY FIVE (2/23) Wed, 23 Feb 2011 15:17:21 +0000 Ben Breit 1. Leaders told to embrace technology, Standard Media, Kepher Otieno

A book on US President Barack Obama and modern-day politics was launched in Kisumu amid calls on African leaders to embrace technology.

2. Netflix Vs. It’s the Content, Stupid, Wall Street Journal, Matt Phillips’s announcement that it was pushing deeper into the online video streaming business hit Netflix Tuesday, sending the stock market favorite down 6%.

3. Inventing New Technologies and Markets, MIT Technology Review, Brian Bergstein

We look for companies that are setting the agenda in an increasingly important market, on the verge of disrupting an established market, or creating an entirely new market. What does it mean to set the agenda? It doesn’t necessarily equate to having the biggest market share, or else Intel and Microsoft would be in the TR50. Instead, we look for companies whose ideas and technologies are being imitated by other companies.

4. Obama Praises Cleveland Technology During Summit, Epoch Times, Genevieve Long Belmaker

During a small business forum organized by his administration in Cleveland on Tuesday, Obama praised the hustle and innovation of Ohio residents.

5. Netflix and Hulu shouldn’t worry about Amazon’s new service – yet, CNN, Austin Carr

On Tuesday, Amazon launched Instant Video, a streaming movie and TV service that features more than 5,000 titles.

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DAILY FIVE (2/22) Tue, 22 Feb 2011 20:38:42 +0000 Ben Breit 1. How the financial sector sees technology as its savior, Financial Times, Franesco Guerrera

Reeling from a crisis that wiped out some of its most lucrative products and a regulatory overhaul that will curb high margin activities, the financial sector sees information technology as its saviour.

2. Next model of iPad will not be delayed: source, Reuters, Gabriel Madway

A report that the next version of Apple Inc’s iPad tablet computer will be delayed is not true, according to a source familiar with the matter.

3. Blogging Is Dead Just Like the Web Is Dead, GigaOm, Mathew Ingram

Even according to the figures used by the New York Times itself, blogging activity is actually increasing, not decreasing. And as the story points out, plenty of young people are still blogging via the Tumblr platform, even though they may not think of it as “blogging.” What blogging is really doing is evolving.

4. Another Antitrust Complaint Filed Against Google, Wall Street Journal, Alessandro Torello

French Internet company 1plusV Tuesday filed a complaint with the European Commission claiming Google Inc. is abusing its dominant market position.

5. Obama tech dinner: Company spending figures for D.C. lobbying, campaign contributions, Los Angeles Times, Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Most of the hype around President Barack Obama’s dinner with a dozen of California’s tech-industry leaders was around the appearance of Apple CEO Steve Jobs as he struggles with health issues.

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