Tech & The District » Add new tag Tech the way we see it: insights and musings on technology PR, policy and the District, from H&K’s D.C. Tech Team. Thu, 04 Aug 2011 15:06:44 +0000 en hourly 1 CES Grows Vertical Branches Fri, 08 Jan 2010 22:36:32 +0000 Sharla Lane The show may be titled Consumer Electronics Show, but this year has brought new light to just how far the consumer electronics industry is reaching.

Everyone from Ford to the U.S. Government, to sports commentator James Brown is in attendance with unveilings ranging from new 3-D TVs to mobile sonograms. Here are some of my favorite attendees and announcements, with perhaps some bias towards Qualcomm since we work with the company:

-Since the Recovery Act made the U.S. Government the biggest spender last year, it was only appropriate for CTO Aneesh Chopra to make a celebrity appearance at the show to discuss spectrum and the future of wireless broadband.

-Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was joined by several guests during his keynote today to talk about the future of FLO TV on iPhones, the future of health care on mobile devices and much more.

-Having just seen Avatar 3-D and looking forward to Shrek 3-D, I was excited to see a lot of movement on 3-D TVs at the show. Hopefully the price point will go down as quickly as flat screens did.

-Although I’m not completely sold on having Twitter in my car, I would love to have Pandora, which Ford says is in the works, along with other in-car apps.

-Of course there was the typical news on new devices… this year’s big question will be if Google’s NexusOne can challenge the iPhone, and perhaps if developers will ever run out of new apps.

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On the Agenda Wed, 13 May 2009 22:24:38 +0000 Sharla Lane Welcome summer! Scarves and navy suits are quickly traded for sunglasses and… well, navy suits. You may not be able to take the bureaucracy out of Washington, but you can take Washington out of the bureaucracy and join us for happy hour on our rooftop. Free food and drinks, and lots of great conversation among some of the greatest personalities around D.C. At least that’s what we like to think.

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OMG… Social Tech Comes to State Department with New Innovation Adviser Mon, 06 Apr 2009 22:00:54 +0000 Sharla Lane Although we may not be expecting IRS letters to be sent via text message any time soon, the State Department acknowledged the importance of social networking with a new hire today.


Alec Ross, co-founder of One Economy, a nonprofit bringing technology to underprivileged communities, today assumes his role as senior adviser on innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Formerly serving under top technology adviser Julius Genachowski on the Obama Campaign, Ross is hopeful that tools such as Facebook, text messaging and YouTube can serve a critical role in promoting human rights and vibrant democracies, fostering development and enhancing the impact of smart power.


Currently residing in Baltimore, Md., and with a resume arguably unique to Washington, Ross is expected to bring an innovative approach to the use of technology in advancing the White House agenda.


Washington Post’s Cecilia Kang has more of the story here.

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On the Agenda Mon, 30 Mar 2009 20:03:53 +0000 Sharla Lane It is sometimes hard to keep in mind that innovation stimulates growth, when doom and gloom overshadows all other news. These upcoming events are somewhat inspired by this and include several ways to spark the imagination without breaking the bank… yes, that means some are free. This time, we are venturing out further than one week into the future in order to provide more time for registration before the best events sell out!

·         Ongoing- Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Technology exhibit

·         March 31, 2009- U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation: PART II: Deceptive Health Insurance Industry Practices – Are Consumers Getting What They Paid For?

·         April 1, 2009-Washington Wednesday “Dot Com” Networking

·         April 2, 2009- IPRA event – How to Engage with Bloggers and Navigate Social Media Etiquette

·         April 2, 2009- NVTC Business to Government Event: Federal, State and Local Technology Priorities inside the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA

·         April 9, 2009- Meet the Media: Panel of DC-area journalists to discuss the future of technology news and reporting trends

·         April 16, 2009- NCTC Technology & Toast: Strategic Energy Initiatives at Virginia Tech

·         April 22, 2009- BIO IT Coalition 8th annual Conference- Will Biotechnology/IT Save the World? The Revolutionary P4 Medicine Approach

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