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More than 24,000 jobs could potentially come to Maryland as the proposed home for a U.S. Cyber Command. The state is already home to the National Security Agency and other defense and intelligence installations; however, California still holds a renowned reputation as the tech capital of the U.S.

Vying to be the “Silicon Valley of cyber security” is just the latest in a string of company announcements and moves from West to East, reflecting Washington’s rising influence in technology and innovation. Last week at CES, Washington Post’s Cecilia Kang reported on the impact Washington guests such as FCC’s Chairman Julius Genachowski had at the show, and on the tech industry in general.

Other moves include Northrup Grumman’s headquarters from Los Angeles to the D.C. area by spring 2010, and in 2009, companies such as Google, McAfee, Intel and Blackboard all saw an increase to their Washington staff.

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WashPo Launches New Tech Blog Tue, 13 Oct 2009 13:35:04 +0000 Vanessa Truskey Cecilia Kang, Staff Writer and Post Tech blogger

Cecilia Kang, Staff Writer and Post Tech blogger

Last week, the Washington Post re-launched its technology blog.  Formerly known as Post I.T., the new blog is called Post Tech and will be led by staff writer Cecilia Kang.  It appears that Kang will be the sole contributor to the blog, focused on “issues at the intersection of Washington, technology, and business.” 

Given Kang’s background, I’m expecting good, quality content, but I have to admit that part of what I liked about the old blog was that numerous Post reporters contributed; we got to read perspective from a variety of reporters with different expertise.  They haven’t toyed with Rob Pegoraro’s blog (Luckily.  And I do prefer the name “Fast Forward” over “Post Tech” – I’d have thought something a bit catchier?) And it appears Brian Krebs’ Security Fix is still on as well. 

This is just one of many changes that the Post’s tech department has undergone over the last year.  Hopefully this new format will resonate with readers and draw new ones to the Post as a top source for breaking tech policy news. 

What do you think of it?  Any thoughts on a more creative name we might suggest

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