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In a great story on innovation in the FT by Philip Delves Broughton, there’s this quote…

“There are so many opportunities, technologies and ideas, all of which are easily accessible,” says Roberto Verganti, professor of management of innovation at Politecnico di Milano. “So, the key challenge for companies is not having the ideas, but making sense of them and having a vision. The companies that are most successful are the ones that understand the meaning behind the technology.”

Professor Verganti crisply captures something I’ve been thinking about for a while, that it’s not enough in the current (tech and telco) marketplace to have the best ideas – ideas are more accessible (and prevalent) than ever – but how companies and leaders within them spot the trends and make bets on specific ideas and against a specific vision is the competitive advantage.

A succinct and compelling vision for a company acts as a magnet for ideas, helps drive critical mass and business successes that are more than one off hits. Though it’s not always easy to define and stick with a vision it can not only drive corporate focus, but also allow companies to cope and overcome failures. Not sure I can think of a successful tech company that hasn’t had product failures…  (Philip Delves Broughton lists several in his article). But that ability to make sense of this abundance of ideas, and communicate the reason they make sense is going to be increasingly at the centre of business leaders’ jobs and at the heart of their companies’ successes and failures.

I encourage you to read the FT piece!

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Sweets and Tweets Wed, 16 Jun 2010 20:24:31 +0000 Lauren Wilson

White walls fluorescent lighting, sculptures and carefully painted pieces mixed with cupcakes as heavy as a paper weight and the most enthusiastic women in technology meant that last night’s Sweets and Tweets: DC’s Most Influential Women in Technology was not your ordinary social media panel discussion. The Hamiltonian Gallery hosted the event, one of many being held during Digital Capital Week.

Are there enough women in technology? Well, we wouldn’t be gathered in an art gallery, tweeting every word, if women were dominating this field. Sadly, only 3% of tech firms are led by women. Debbie Weil, moderator of the discussion asked if we really need a separate list of Women in Technology and the panelists all agreed that a separate list is essential to identifying where women in technology work and what they do.

The panelists also discussed how to advance in this field, the importance of mentorship and a brief mention of other countries that strongly push for women to have a presence in technology. I left the discussion feeling like I wanted more, which is why I’m anxious to have one of the panelists, Katie Stanton, Special Advisor on Innovation at the U.S. State Department and former Google Product Manager, join us in our Hill & Knowlton studios for a video segment on government and technology. Stay tuned!

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“Tech In 5″: Peter Corbett from Digital Capital Week Mon, 14 Jun 2010 15:08:27 +0000 Lauren Wilson Peter Corbett from iStrategy Labs and co-producer of Digital Capital Week joined us in our Hill & Knowlton studios to share all the exciting events that we can’t miss! Digital Capital Week is a 10 day festival in Washington, DC that focuses on technology, innovation and digital activities. Events will take place June 11-20 primarily on George Washington University’s campus and at a series of venues in the Washington, DC area.

In this interview Peter talks about the opening party that happened this past Friday, Media 2.0 Day, and City Camp. Will you be among one of the 4,000 participants that are expected to attend this week? If so, post your comments on the events below and let us know what you thought of them. Follow @DCWeek and @Corbett3000 on Twitter to get all the latest happenings from the week.

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Why innovation still gives me hope, and worries me a little Tue, 13 Oct 2009 20:46:09 +0000 duncanburns Sometimes one just has to admire invention and innovation. I don’t think I’ve given fan design much thought in my life, except when really hot. I certainly don’t think I’ve given any thought to how one could improve them. So reading the ever-superb Paul Taylor’s article on James Dyson’s new Air Multiplier Fan made me feel reassured in two ways.

Firstly, that there is an everlasting culture of innovation out there – and while many of us are content to use, others continue to strive and improve even the most every-day of gadgets. Secondly, that Dyson continues to innovate – his third act – and as a Brit that makes me proud that we still can foster innovation, despite some of the doom and gloom. Finally, though it has me a little worried, that we somehow will trip over the laws of unintended consequences and find a way to blow cool air on all the other unknown James Dyson’s out there around the world, as we look for ways out of the recession and to alleviate some of the pain that’s been caused.

What do you think? What innovation have you read about that warmed your soul?

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